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Why we started Slope

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

You shouldn't have to sweat to be healthy. In fact, the science clearly tells us that you don't have to sweat to make real improvements in your health. Yet, this reality isn't represented in the market.

We launched Slope to create the "no sweat" market for health and fitness. Our founders were all serious athletes in our youth, yet as we progressed in our careers and became parents we found it harder to maintain the same activity levels. We still wanted to stay active and healthy, but our disposable time disappeared.

Our priorities shifted from running our best 5km to fitting in enough activity so that we kept healthy and felt better. The reality of being a professional parent is that some days really are about survival. We wanted a fitness/health/wellness product that reflected this.

As we refined our ideas, we developed three key tenets for Slope:

  • Focus- A no sweat approach to an active lifestyle. Only 23% of men and 18% of women in the US meet the recommended activity levels. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest inhibitors is the perceived scale of commitment required to be healthy. Today’s fitness culture focuses on the hardcore enthusiasts and most people aren’t interested in that. As we read the scientific research, we were surprised by how much of a positive impact small amounts of activity can have on your health. We want to fundamentally change how people view being healthy and what it takes.

  • Philosophy- The app should be for everyone. A key component of this is that the app should meet people where they are and help them on their journey. In addition, our position is that something is better than nothing. We set goals for people because research shows goals increase overall performance. However, we know that life happens, so we encourage people to do what they can given their constraints and focus on keeping the long-term momentum going. This is the path to success.

  • Knowledge- As I mentioned above, there is a lot of “bad” information out there about health and fitness. We want to use our platform to highlight the scientific research that changes how we view health and fitness. We also want to give people a tangible link to why their activity matters. We have created a health algorithm (Hx) that gives people a health score they can easily monitor. We also provide them with examples of how their activity level can impact their health across health conditions like stress, heart health, and longevity.

These tenets served as our north star during the produce design process. We will elaborate on the product and the design process in future posts, but we are excited about the product we developed to date. We have received very positive feedback from users on both our guiding principles and the prototype we developed based on them. We are excited to share the product with more people soon!

We are finishing our MVP and we will soon be looking for beta testers to use the app and provide us with feedback. You can sign up to learn more here.

Keep moving!

-The Slope Team

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