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The power of moderate activity

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Forget what you see in advertising from the fitness sector. Going to the gym and sweating isn’t required to be healthy. In fact, the overwhelming scientific evidence shows that moderate exercise significantly improves your health. This is why every medical and scientific institution (WHO, CDC, NHS, Mayo Clinic, etc) recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise[1].

Even so, too few people (~50%) reach the 150 recommended minutes[2]. There are many reasons, but one major contributor is that most people are unaware of the power of moderate exercise. To start changing this, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions:

What are examples of the benefits of moderate exercise?

  1. Walking for two minutes every hour was associates with a 33% lower chance of dying over a three year period[3]

  2. A daily walk could reduce the risk of dementia by 40%[4]

  3. Just moving from the least-active group to the not-quite-as-inactive group dropped the risk of heart disease by almost 30 percent[5]

What is moderate activity?

Mowing the grass, raking leaves, washing the car–all that’s exercise[6]. If you want to get really scientific about it, then you can calculate your moderate heart rate (the heart rate where your exertion is moderate and starts to accumulate the benefits). Take your resting heart rate and multiple by 1.5 to get your moderate heart rate.

How can I do it?

However it works for you. The recommendations equal 22 minutes per day. How you get that 22 minutes is up to you- do it all at once or break it up across the day. The health benefits accumulate both ways.

Is it all or nothing?

It is not a zero-sum game. Every amount of movement has a positive impact on your health. Some research even shows that you are better off getting in smaller amounts of activity every day than missing days and doing more later[7].

Who should do it?

Everybody. Whether you are inactive or a dedicated exerciser, the science shows that moderate activity improves your health markers. In fact, mixing days of vigorous and moderate exercise increases the benefits while reducing the wear on your body[8].

Slope is dedicated to changing the narrative around exercise, health, and fitness. Our goal is to unlock the power of moderate exercise for everyone. Come join us!


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