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Slope Health MVP test results

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The Road to MVP

Releasing the MVP (minimum viable product) is the result of months of hard work behind the scenes. We delved into the studies to understand the behavioural science of lifestyle change and the medical research on the impact activity can have on health.

We created some very ugly powerpoint and wrote user stories. We eventually used design tools like Figma to bring the product to life. We tested prototypes with friends and family to get early feedback.

We scaled down our product vision many times until we had what we thought was a version of the MVP (we still developed too much, but that's for another post). We were finally ready to release.

Our Goals

We had two primary goals when we launched the MVP:

  • See if people would use Slope.

  • See if we could change behaviour- increased activity.

We spent two months testing, collecting feedback, and observing user behaviour. The user engagement and behaviour change numbers were really positive.

Behaviour Change

We saw increases in overall activity levels across multiple user segments, but the most significant improvements came from the lightly active and moderately active groups. Lightly active users completed less than 100 MeM (moderate equivalent minutes) per week. Moderately active users did between 100-150 MeM (moderate equivalent minutes).

Both of these groups increase their activity to level above the WHO's recommended 150 MeM per week. In fact, the lightly active group increased their average activity level 40% while the moderately active group increased their average activity level 77%.

User Engagement

Our user engagement numbers were very strong. In fact, our MVP performed better than most fully developed apps in our category.

The daily active users (DAU) were 11% of total downloads after 30 days. By comparison, the average for health and wellness app is 8.5% at Day 7 and 4% at Day 30.

Our DAU/MAU has tracked at 41%. Hitting a DAU/MAU of 50% is considered world-class. Finally, active users averaged 4.3 sessions per week. This places Slope in the top 50% for sessions for the category.

What's next

These performance results are promising for an MVP. The most outcome was the behaviour change - that is the hardest thing to do with this type of endeavour. It is also how improve users's health over the long-term.

We are now focused on developing v1 of the platform to release in public. We will add a number of features to v1 based on user feedback and testing. We expect it to be ready in the next few weeks.

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